PT Mitraguna Primajaya was founded in 2005 with the core business of engineering services and consultancy for companies operating in Indonesia.

The company is specializing in providing manpower solutions to companies that are looking in enhancing their quality of working capability without over expanding their quantity of manpower/employees. Initially the company provided manpower for several companies in Jakarta in the field of office works and administration.

After one year in the above operation, the company set up a new business unit, which is IT manpower outsourcing operation.

In the field of IT outsourcing, PT Mitraguna Prima Jaya will be working in partnership with DEL Polytechnic of Informatics (PI DEL) in Laguboti, North Sumatra. PI DEL is currently one of the leading institutions in Indonesia in producing high quality IT graduates.

Currently the personal of PT Mitraguna have operated in many projects in Indonesia and Overseas. In the Industrial solutions pages, you will find the lists of our projects and accomplishment.